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You can see all of my MATG XII photos HERE!
Below are some of my favorites from the trip

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Five Miatas at Tapoco Lodge
(Mine is the 2nd one from the left)

A photo of my "Rolling Multimedia Center"
showing my camera and laptop setup

Sunset at the Hooper Bald trailhead
on the Cherohala Skyway

Sunset at the highest point on the
Cherohala Skyway (Santeetlah, 5377 ft)

Beautiful noses.

The information sign at the North Carolina
end of the Cherohala Skyway

A misty morning at the base of
Fontana Dam

A large group of Miatas gather together
for the annual Dam Picture

Hanging out in the clouds at the highest point
on the Blue Ridge Parkway (6053 ft)

Me taking a break from pouring beer samples
at the Saturday Night Beer Swap at Tapoco

This is my "Rolling Beer Store" which became
the home base of the Beer Swap

Sunday morning at Tapoco Lodge was a
ghost town compared to the last two days

There were still a few Miatas running The Dragon
on Sunday (Picture at The Dragon Overlook)

Who says you can't take a car on the
Appalachian Trail?

The Dragon Overlook is just one of several
locations the THP likes to hang out

Hanging out with the sport bikes
and feeling right at home

(check out the bottom left)

Saying one last goodbye to The Dragon
as I head back home

Here are some of my favorite car photos

The brightest yellow of the weekend

Looks like a miniaturized Cobra

Yes, that is a Corvette LS-1 engine in a Miata

Another LS-1, this time in a 3rd generation RX-7