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You can see all of my MATG XIV photos in my Picasa Web Gallery
Below are some of my favorites from the trip

Click on a picture to see the LARGE version! LARGE pictures will open in a new window or tab.

Fontana Village Resort rolled out the
red carpet for us again this year

The vendor's area at Fontana Village Resort was the main gathering place

Just one of the many locations I mounted my Sticky Pod setup for my videos

The recently completed rock slide repair on
US 129 north of The Dragon

The Thursday Night Sunset Run on the Cherohala Skyway had it's largest turnout ever

Beautiful sky views such as this are common along the Cherohala Skyway


How not to drive on The Dragon

I mean really... Stay in your lane maybe?

Two extremely rare Lava Orange Mazdaspeed Miatas in one place

There were many race-ready Miatas
to be seen around the area

Check out the shirt on the right...
Where do I get one of those???

Once again, Fontana Village Resort brought out their bucket truck for the group photo

The group photo attracts the most Miatas
you'll see in one place the entire weekend

After the group photo, the 10th Anniversary Edition Miatas gathered for a photo op

Good times were had by all at the
Saturday Night Beer Swap

For the first time, there was also a wine tasting held along with the beer swap

One last goodbye to The Dragon Overlook
on my way back home to Ohio

Here are some of my favorite artsy photos.

Another beautiful sunset seen from Santeetlah, the highest point on the Cherohala Skyway

Cheoah Dam, also known as Fugitive Dam because a scene in the movie was filmed here

Little Tennessee River below Fontana Dam
fogs over because the water is so cold

More foggy water below Fontana Dam
on the Little Tennessee River