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Day One

* Map *

Night Before and Day One
Columbus, Ohio to Prestonsburg, Kentucky (Night Before)
Prestonsburg, Kentucky to Lenoir City, Tennesse (with a stop in Cleveland, Tennessee)
Highlights of this section include a drive through the Cumberland Gap and meeting some online friends in Cleveland, Tennessee.

* Stories from the road *

Well, the night before was rather uneventful, the ride down was nice, but I've seen US23 before... About 10 minutes before arriving at the hotel, I realized that I forgot my tripod... The evening's stay in Prestonsburg was dampened by the fact that there are no alcohol sales of any kind (even beer!) on Sundays in the entire state of Kentucky, so I was forced (sic) to drink one from the good beer stash I brought. The following day brought a couple good surprises, most notable is Kentucky SR 1780. This great twisty mountain road was already on my route, and I had no idea it was going to be that fun! Around noon I visited the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, where I got my second surprise. At the park I drove up to Pinnacle Overlook for a beautiful view of the valley below and the road up to the overlook was switchback heaven! Later in the day I visited some friends (one of which drove from texas), gave them some great beers to try and had a meal (thx chile et. al.) before heading back to the hotel to end the day.

* Photos and Links *

Night Before Photos

Night Before/Day One Pic One
Most of it fit in the trunk...

Night Before/Day One Pic Two
...the rest of it rides with me.

Night Before/Day One Pic Three
US23 suspension bridge over the Ohio River.

Night Before/Day One Pic Four
A closer (and artsy) look at one of the pillars of the bridge.

Night Before/Day One Pic Five
Here's the elusive Miata in it's natural habitat.

Day One Photos

Night Before/Day One Pic Six
Kentucky SR1780 (my software really sent me down this road!)

Night Before/Day One Pic Seven
My Companion posing next to the Cumberland Gap NHP sign.

Night Before/Day One Pic Eight
At the peak of this mountain meets Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Night Before/Day One Pic Nine
One of the many hard switchbacks on the road to Pinnacle Overlook.

Night Before/Day One Pic Ten
At the peak of this dwelling meets Lily, Chile, and ARKiV.

Day One Links

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park
The original gateway to the west.