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Day Three

* Map *

Day Three
Claremont, North Carolina to Raleigh, North Carolina (with a stop in Goldsboro, North Carolina)
Highlights of this section include a late lunch at Wilber's Barbecue and a Rush concert at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre.

* Stories from the road *

When I woke up this morning I checked the weather... some rain to the east. Rode most of the day with the top up and finally encountered rain about half way to Raleigh. It rained off and on during the trip to Goldsboro, but cleared up on my return trip to Raleigh. From that point on it was perfect top-down weather. The ride wasn't anything exciting, I'm definitely not in the mountains anymore. There were however three things that made today great. The first was a little lunch spot called Hap's Grill. Someone reccomended this place to me, and I'm glad he did because it was excellent! I couldn't decide which to get, the cheeseburger or the cheese hotdog, so I got them both. (all the way, with a Cheerwine soda... thx floz!) After arriving in Raleigh and checking into the hotel, I then travelled onward to the second great destination of the day... The original reason for this whole trip... Wilber's Barbecue. I walked in and sat down, and before I knew it I had a cup of sweet tea being poured for me! I then proceeded to order the Barbecue Plate, and had it in no time flat! Of course it was accompanied by the right side dishes... slaw, potato salad, and hush puppies. All told, it was a great meal, the best barbecue I have ever eaten. (keep trying MyzTek... you're real close.) Finally, I finished the day at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre with Rush in concert. Great show, great drum solo, great crowd. Good grief it's late... I have a long day tomorrow...

* Photos and Links *

Day Three Photos

Day Three Pic One
I was told I had to have lunch here, so I did.

Day Three Pic Two
I was also told I had to have lunch here, so I did. (yep, two lunches!)

Day Three Pic Three
This is what a real barbecue meal should look like.

Day Three Pic Four
Here I am getting psyched for the Rush concert.

Day Three Pic Five
The beginning of my 19th Rush concert.

Day Three Pic Six
Even Bob and Doug are Rush fans! (take off, eh?)

Day Three Pic Seven
...And in a burst of fire, the show comes to an end.

Day Three Links

Hap's Grill - 116 ½ North Main Street, Salisbury, NC 28144
The best hamburgers and hotdogs in Salisbury.

Wilber's Barbecue - 4172 NC Highway 70 East, Goldsboro, NC 27530
Authentic East North Carolina Barbecue.

Walnut Creek Amphitheatre - 3801 Rock Quarry Road, Raleigh, NC 27610
I will be seeing my favorite band Rush here on Day Three.
The Official Rush Website.