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Day Five

* Map *

Day Five
Elizabeth City, North Carolina to Harrisonburg, Virginia
Highlights of this section include The James River Bridge and a drive down Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park.

* Stories from the road *

This morning I found a hardware store in Elizabeth City so I could get supplies to patch the top, then after packing up I headed down the road again. Pretty boring to start off, mostly strip malls on four lane roads that went on for miles. Got to the James River Bridge and had to sit for a bit as there were two ships passing underneath requiring the liftspan to be raised. Once I got back underway, it was more four lane commercialism. I finally emerged into the countryside and eventually reached US-33 north of Richmond. This is the farthest East I have ever been on US-33. (It passes right through the heart of Columbus and within 2 miles of the house in which I grew up) Started getting a bit more hilly, a bit more curvy and a bit more remote. Once again my map software found a great shortcut on a curvy country backroad! I eventually made it into the mountains and entered Shenandoah National Park. Skyline Drive, while not as high in elevation as the section of the Blue Ridge Parkway I did three days ago, still provided equally spectacular views of the valley below and encounters with native wildlife. (I saw a wild turkey and her babies!) Near the end of Skyline, I pulled off into an overlook parking area and since I was on-schedule I decided to re-route the final portion of my trip to avoid the interstate. Glad I did, because once again the software found a great road for me. Not only was it remote and twisty, but there also was Civil War history to be found as well! After that, it was just a few more miles to the hotel. All in all, another spectacular sunny day on the road. One more to go...
*UPDATE* After I got settled in I decided to find something to do here in town, so to Google I went... What's the first thing that popped up? A brewery! Calhoun's Restaurant and Brewery Company to be exact. Celebrated the last night of the trip in style with a steak dinner and some fine craft beer.

* Photos and Links *

Day Five Photos

Day Five Pic One
The view from the James River Bridge showing an aircraft carrier under construction.

Day Five Pic Two
That is one long bridge.

Day Five Pic Three
Another great shortcut backroad down which my software sent me.

Day Five Pic Four
Getting back to the mountains again.

Day Five Pic Five
Entering Shenandoah National Park.

Day Five Pic Six
Once again we find wonderful views around every corner.

Day Five Pic Seven
Three days ago I was all the way at the other end of this.

Day Five Pic Eight
The view of the mountains across a Civil War battlefield, on Battlefield Road.

Day Five Pic Nine
The Battle of Cross Keys historical marker.

Day Five Pic Ten
A tombstone for a fallen soldier from the Confederate States Army.

Day Five Pic Eleven
Even the view from my hotel room is nice.

Day Five Pic Twelve
The bar area of Calhoun's showing the storage vessels behind the bar.

Day Five Links

The James River Bridge (US-17)
A 4.5 mile bridge with a lift span in the center.

Shenandoah National Park
A wilderness oasis in the busy east. ($15 entry fee)

Skyline Drive
Part of America's Favorite Drive through Shenandoah National Park.

Calhoun's Restaurant and Brewing Co.
The Shenandoah Valley's premier microbrewery.